Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Letter U

Uncle Sam plays the ukulele?  No, but we can make Uncle Sam's and play the homemade ukulele.  For the letter "U" we learned about Uncle Sam and how he is an image of the US.  We learned that he was based off a man named Sam Wilson dating back to the War of 1812.  The kids then made Uncle Sam's out of egg cartons.
  We also learned about ukuleles for the letter "U".  We learned that they are from Hawaii and actually mean "leaping flea" in Hawaiin.  They enjoyed making their own ukuleles from cardboard boxes and rubber bands.  Needless to say the room sure was hopping!  Be sure to ask about the umbrellas and why April and the spring are known for rain.  (Hopefully the answer has to do with the plants needing water to grow.)

                             Egg Carton Uncle Sam

                             Rocking Our Ukuleles!

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