Monday, May 7, 2012


Don't forget our end of the year program will be Monday, May 14, 2012, at 7:00 PM at the KC Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The children have been hard at work preparing for this program, so I encourage all to attend.  Hope to see you there! 

Also, don't forget our last day of class for the Pre-K will be Monday the 14th, and the last day for the 3-4 year olds will be Tuesday the 15th.  Thank you!


Letter "X" turned out to be a difficult letter to come up with activities that started with the letter "X."  We talked about X-rays and our bones.  We also did some exercise that included us stretching and then following a treasure map with "X" marking the spot (we found treasure at the library)!  On Wednesday we enjoyed doing some experiments.  The students saw an experiment as to why our bones break (inertia), and then they did their own experiments with balancing and using invisible ink.  We had a lot of Ex-citement during the week.

Doing our X-Ray Pictures in Invisible Ink


Experimenting with Balance

"N" is for Newborn

As many of you are aware, we have been working our way through the alphabet in the 3-4 Year Old Classroom.  When we reached the letter "N" our class had a special visitor.  Ian brought in his newborn brother Holt.  The class was very excited to have such a special visitor, and they had many questions for Ian and his mom.  Thank you to Ian and his mom for sharing this exceptional show-and-tell for the letter "N."

The Class Meeting Holt

Our New Books!

The Friends of the Library Foundation were very generous to our preschool classes by donating a Nursery Rhyme book to each student.  On the Pre-K's last visit to the library, Judy Hagan read some books to us, sang some songs, and did an interactive story with us.  At the end of the visit, each child was given their own Nursery Rhyme book.  Judy then came and visited our 3-4 year-old classroom and read stories to us and sang some songs.  At the end of the visit, she also gave each student a book.  The students were all excited to get their own books, and we give a huge thank you to the Atkinson Public Library and the Friends of the Library Foundation for their thoughtfulness and generosity.
(Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me the day we went to the library, so I do not have pictures from that!) :( 

     Judy reading stories to the 3-4 Year-Old Class

3-4 Year olds with their new books

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Watering Wildflowers

For the letter W, we learned about spring, planting flowers, and what plants need to grow.  Then the students were each given a flower pot.  They decorated the pot, put dirt in it, and then planted some wildflowers.  The students have been watering their flowers everyday.  The flowers are beginning to grow, and I think the students are all excited to see the green!

Decorating the flower pots and planting and watering the seeds.

Eggs-elent Easter!

What an EGGS-iting Easter week we had.  We dyed eggs in school, and then for our Easter party we got to have an Easter egg hunt.  The kids really enjoyed dying eggs.  They were able to mix colors and see what happened when they put their egg into a different color.  There were certainly some colorful eggs.  For some of the kids, the best part was getting to take their eggs home.  We made Easter bunny baskets, and after the party they went home with some full baskets.  The egg hunts were a lot of fun as well.  Everyone got to go outside and find a couple of eggs.  I hope everyone had an EGGS-traordinary Easter.  

                               Dying Easter Eggs


                                  Easter Egg Hunt