Friday, February 17, 2012

Buddy Day!

On Friday, February 9, the Preschoolers were guests to the Kindergarteners for Buddy Day.  The Kindergarteners were wonderful hosts as they gave us a tour of the room and showed us the different centers.  We did calendar with them on the SMART Board.  Mrs. Borer read us a Valentine Story, Sweet Hearts, and then we made heart butterflies out of popsicle sticks.  The day ended with the kids getting a chance to explore the room and spend time at the centers.  The kids made some new Kindergarten buddies, and now it is nice to have a familiar face and new friends in the school.

Kindergarteners giving a tour of the room.

Calendar time on the SMART Board.

Mrs. Borer reading "Sweet Hearts."

Free time!

The Preschool and Kindergarten classes with their Valentine Butterflies.

P for Police

On Wednesday February 7, Officer Tim Larby came and spoke to the students.  He talked to the kids about "Stranger Danger" and other important safety tips.  He told about his job and the training he went though to be a police officer.  We were able to hear about Marko, the police dog, and what his job is.  He also showed the kids his uniform and some of the equipment that he uses in his job.  Some of the kids were even able to try on the hand cuffs.  We were very glad that Officer Larby was able to come and speak to us.

Putting the handcuffs on the preschoolers.

Officer Larby giving the preschoolers sticker badges.