Tuesday, March 20, 2012

S for Senses and Snow globes

"S" week was a busy week, and with Spring Break in the midst of it, we expanded it a little.  We found ourselves learning about our 5 senses and then doing a sensory activity with food where we closed our eyes and smelled, listened, touched, tasted, and then saw our food.  The kids really seemed to like the activity, and really enjoyed the tasting portion of the activity.
We also found ourselves making snow globes in class.  The kids got to pick out what figurine they wanted to put in their snow globe, and then put the glitter in their snow globes.  They liked seeing their colorful "snow" fall upon their figurine after they shook their jars.
 Dr. Seuss also made a visit to our classroom with some stories and then sock puppets.  "Oh the thinks that they thought with the socks from the book 'The Thinks That You Think!'"

              Feeling food during the sensory activity.

     Shaking the snow globe to make the glitter float.

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